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The cooperation of CEBE with the spin-off company Testonica Lab and Göpel Electronic GmbH (Germany) in the field of Decision Diagram Theory has resulted in two products „Microprocessor models for testing" and „Embedded instrumentation IPs for testing of electronic boards and chips." The licences are being sold in the markets all over the world.


The BERT (Bit-Error-Rate Test) algorithms developed in CEBE were implemented in Testonica Lab as a test equipment for certification and testing of communication channels in the Large Hadron Collider in CERN.
St.Jude Medical in USA has commercialized the results of CEBE in the field of pacemakers. In cooperation between CEBE, Enterprise Estonia and recent start-up company Prototuba OÜ a

prototype of impedance-spectroscopy measurement equipment QUADRAR was developed which can be used in most biomedical engineering applications.

Commercialization_2 SmartImplant OÜ is creating new products based on the method and apparatus for determining conditions of a biological tissues developed in CEBE.
Technology transfer process was started within the frame of Enterprise Estonia from CEBE to industrial partners AS Ldiamon and Quattromed

HTI Labs OÜ leading further to collaboration between the world leading HD medical technology companies.

Active cooperation is taking place with new spin-off companies Tensiotrace OÜ and Optofluid Technologies OÜ (established in 2012). CEBE and Tensiotrace OÜ have developed „Software for commercial Holter monitor devices" with clinical experiments carried out in PERH. As a result of cooperation between CEBE and Optofluid Technologies OÜ, a prototype of the Optofluid Dialysis Sensor was developed.