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International Projects
  • European Comission
2015 - 2018 IMMORTAL – Integrated Modelling, Fault Management, Verification and Reliable Design Environment for Cyber-Physical Systems
PI: Jaan Raik
2014 - European network for innovative uses of EMFs in biomedical applications (EMF-MED).
PI: Hiie Hinrikus
2014 - 2016 BASTION - Board and SoC Test Instrumentation for Ageing and No-Failure- Found. FP7 ICT STREP
PI: Jaan Raik
2013 - 2016 Future Education and Training in Computing: How to Support Learning at Anytime Anywhere. Erasmus LLP
PI: Aleksander Sudnitsõn
2013 - 2016 Trustworthy Manufacturing and Utilization of Secure Devices (TRUDEVICE). ICT COST Action IC1204
PI: Jaan Raik
2012 - 2014 Innovative, highly efficient road surface measurement and control system (HERMES). FP7 SME
PI: Olev Märtens
2010 - 2012

SafeMetal. FP7 SME
PI: Olev Märtens

2010 - 2012 Microfluidic Chip (MicroFluChip). Marie Curie
PI: Athanasios Giannitsis
2009 - 2012
Centre of research excellence in dependable embedded systems. FP7 REGPOT
PI: Gert Jervan
2009 - 2012 European Union's 7th Framework Programme IST collaborative project DIAMOND, Diagnosis, Error Modelling and Correction for Reliable Systems Design. FP7 IST
PI: Jaan Raik
2006 - 2008 IST Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) VERTIGO - Verification and Validation of Embedded System Design Workbench. FP7 IST
PI: Jaan Raik
  • EU Structural Funds
2012 - 2013 Energy efficient Micro-and nanostructures based embedded systems and components (SARS4). Infrastructure development project
PI: Eeva Keerov
2011 - 2013 Micro- and Nanostructures Based Embedded Systems and Components (SARS3). Infrastructure development project
PI: Alvar Kurrel
2010 - 2012 Embedded Systems and Components (SARS2). Infrastructure development project
PI: Toomas Rang
  • European Regional Development Fund
2011 - 2013 Work Ability and Social Inclusion. Interreg 4A
PI: Kalju Meigas
  • European Antifraud Office OLAF
2007 - 2013 Study of the Euro Coin conductivity calibration procedure for obtaining certified reference standards
PI: Mart Min
  • Bilateral Projects
2014 - Development of dialysis sensor module
PI: Ivo Fridolin
2010 - 2012 Integrated Electronic Systems and Components (INTELSYC). Cooperation between Estonian and Hungarian Academies of Sciences.
2009 - ... continuing Development of power 4H-SiC Schottky diodes with combined sputtered and diffusion-welded contacts with forward current of 50 A and more. Scientific collaboration agreement between Tallinn University of Technology and Russian Academy of Science (RAS), A.F. Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute (FTI)
  • Industrial projects
2014 - Development of the Heart Rate and Cuff-less Blood Circulation Holter Device for Non-invasive, Simultaneous and Continuous Monitoring of Cardiovascular Parameters on the Earth and in Space
2008 - ... continuing New materials based semiconductor devices. Cooperation contract between Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics and Clifton Ltd
  • Other
2014 - 2015 Nordic concept in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics education through Nordic-Baltic cooperation. Nordplus Higher Education 201
PI: Ivo Fridolin