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CEBE Research


The mission of CEBE is to improve the quality of life through technological innovations. The partners are from Tallinn University of Technology: Department of Computer Engineering, Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics and Technomedicum. The research results achieved by partners are related to the fields of design and test of embedded systems, biosignal processing, semiconductor technology and biomedical engineering including applications and commercial products.


Research fields:

 Design and test of embedded systems

1.     Dependable system design 

2.     Verification and diagnosis

3.     Testing and reliability

Electronics and signal processing

4.      Signals and signal processing

5.      Semiconductor technology

Biomedical engineering

6.      Brain studies

7.      Diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases

8.      Biofluid optics

CEBE research

The research cooperation in CEBE is organized under umbrellas of seven interdisciplinary projects:

P1.   Application Specific Processors for Signal Processing in Biomedicine
Coordinators: P.Ellervee, M.Min; Partners: DCE, DE

P2.   Verification, test generation and fault diagnosis
Coordinators: R.Ubar, J.Raik; Partners: DCE, DE

P3.   Optical and bioimpedance methods in Coordinator: K.Meigas; Partners: TM, DE

P4.   Evaluation of mental disorders using EEG analyser
Coordinators: H.Hinrikus, M.Jenihhin; Partners: DCE, TM

P5.   Reliable and disturbance free monitoring of dialysis
Coordinator: I.Fridolin; Partners: TM, DCE

P6.   Embedded Instrumentation Platform for Board Testing
Coordinator: A.Jutman; Partners: DCE, Testonica Lab, Göpel Electronic GmbH (Germany), TU Ilmenau

P7.   Semiconductor devices and physical defects
Coordinator: T.Rang; Partners:  DE, DCE, Dept. of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics (TTU)