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2. veebruaril (teisipäev), kell 14:00 peab Arvutitehnika instituudi ruumis IT-209 kutsutud loengu Linköpingi ülikooli professor Erik Larsson (hetkel sabatiaastal NXP Semiconductorsis, Eindhovenis, Hollandis). 
Teema: Checking distributed properties to detect interconnect latency

Abstract: Correct software may not execute correctly on correct multi-processor system-on-chips (MPSOCs) due to non-ideal latency in the interconnect. Checking for such latency requires monitoring of distributed properties, which is very complicated. For a given MPSOC, we discuss (1) possible races, (2) properties needed to be checked, (3) a programmable distributed monitoring architecture to check for the properties, and (4) how the monitors and the infrastructure for information distribution are used such that properties from distributed monitors can be collected and globally analyzed.