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About CEBE

Centre for Integrated Electronic Systems and Biomedical Engineering - CEBE - is Estonian centre of excellence in research, financed by Archimedes Foundation from the EU Structural Funds. It is based on research cooperation of 3 state-financed research projects from Tallinn University of Technology:

The ambition of CEBE is to become the leading Estonian centre responsible for R&D in the areas of electronic components, systems, computer and biomedical engineering. The Centre of research excellence will be created by developing TUT’s existing scientific expertise and capacities developed within:

  • Estonian Excellence Centre of Dependable Computing (2003-2007), where the RES research team was one of the founding members;
  • TUT’s Centre of Excellence in Electronics and Bionics (2002-2007), where the EMBEL research teams formed the basic institution for R&D in semiconductor and medical engineering;
  • TUT’s Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Engineering (2002-2007), where BME carried out the basic load of scientific activities in biomedical engineering.

CEBE is a natural extension of long term cooperation between the research teams. In 2005 CEBE research teams were chosen as one of the five Estonian research centres for R&D infrastructure development program, funded from the EU Structural Funds. As a result, a new and modern Embedded Systems and Components research environment, consisting of three baselabs: Communicative electronics (SIE), Micro- and nanoelectronic components (MINAKO) and Synthesis and Analysis of Embedded Systems (ASSA) has been developed.

In recent years, the research teams have also shown considerable ambition and entrepreneurial flair to develop their research capacities by being founding members in the Competence Centre in Electronics, Info- and Communication Technologies (ELIKO). ELIKO was established in 2004 with the main goal to develop innovative technologies and products, based on intelligent embedded systems, through strategic co-operation between the science and industry sectors.