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You have a 50-year-old IBM mainframe in your pocket - a talk on a revolutionary computer architecture, Will Edwards (Mill Computing) on Dec 10, 2014

Will Edwards from Mill Computing will be giving a talk on a revolutionary computer architecture on the 10th December 2014 at 14:00 in room ICT-507AB.

Every architectural part of current CPUs was present in the System/360 Model 91 in 1967 – caches, out-of-order execution, large register files, byte addressing, even hexadecimal. All the advances of the last 50 years have been in the fabrication process – how CPUs get made, not how they work. Isn't it about time to bring the architecture up to date too?

This talk introduces the new Mill CPU architecture which brings DSP-like efficiency and performance to general purpose computing. Offering a 10x power/performance gain over conventional out-of-order superscalar architectures, the Mill family of CPUs scales from phones to supercomputers.

The Mill is an extremely wide-issue VLIW design, able to issue 30+ MIMD operations per cycle. The Mill is inherently a vector machine and can vectorize and pipeline almost all loops in general purpose code. The Mill is a belt machine (as distinct from a stack or register machine) and has a fine grained security model that facilitates microkernels without performance penalties.

This talk will give a high-level introduction to the Mill programming model, with an opportunity for the audience to ask more detailed questions in areas of interest.

Will is a technical member of the Mill CPU team.